Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Weather in Atlantic City Today - Book an Atlantic City Hotel While They are Cheap

Well we woke up today at the Travel Ape compound, located in an undisclosed location, but somewhere in the North East, to unseasonably warm weather. Actually, weather that is quite bewildering, considering not more than five days ago a snow storm hit the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas with more than 8 inches and up to a foot in other locations. 

So with a fat budget and our Travel Ape mobile we got up early and found our way to the Atlantic City Boardwalk (Remember, you may think you caught us on where the Travel Ape compound is, but the vehicle we speak about could very well be a private there) to see spring fighting to bust out. Let me tell you something, it's doing more than trying to bust out, it's taken residence and giving Old Man Winter a noogie that would make any school yard bully proud.

Atlantic City is currently about 60 degrees and the sun is beaming. So the four of us that made a pilgrimage to the sea side town have booked a few rooms at the Borgata Resort and Casino. I'll tell you one thing, when we get back to the hotel in a few hours I'm surely going to take a restful stop at the Borgata's famous spa. Last time I was there I spent about 20 minute under the hot springs water fall. 

Well why we're on the subject and seeing that Atlantic City is a personal favorite of the big ape, we'd like to take some time to maybe suggest a stay at any number of great Atlantic City Hotels. Next weekend are some great rates at some incredible hotels. At Harrah's Atlantic City a stay from March 13th to the 15th is $515.00, head to the Showboat Casino Atlantic City and you're rate for a full weekend goes to $439 and if you're interested in trying out a whole new hotel experience in Atlantic City try the Chelsea Hotel where a full weekend is going for $327.

Spring is here and the Boardwalk is hopping. Come out and enjoy Atlantic City, you may see us at one of the Craps Tables or buffets. 

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Unknown said...

Oops Atlantic City is currently about 60 degrees and the sun is beaming too hot!!!
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