Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cancun Hotels and Cancun Vacation Packages.

I think the cold and snow have finally gotten to most of us here in Travel Ape nation. I know Travel Ape himself has taken excursions to Florida several times in the past few months, but he's even complaining today about the wintery weather.  In his mind Florida isn't tropical or south enough, he's thinking about Mexico.

Well one of the most famous destination resorts in Mexico is of course Cancun. We've stumbled upon several Cancun Vacation Packages through some of our alliances, and they really are great. Obviously being a great destination like Cancun is, the hotels in the area are quality. One such Cancun hotel that features multiple packages is the Laguna Suites Spa and Golf Resort Cancun. In general the Laguna Suites Spa and Golf Resort has a whole bunch to offer. First and foremost like the name of the property indicates it sits on site with a golf course. The Pok Ta Pok Golf Club to be specific offering 18 holes of majestic play in Mexico. Also you'll find the full service Namaste Spa. Other perks include full access to two other local sister resorts, free airport transfers to and from the hotel and a free shuttle to the Ocean Spa Resort Cancun. 

The suites at the Laguna Suites Spa and Golf Resort are just fantastic. They are fully air-conditioned, equipped with cable television a sofa bed and are handicap accessible. 

Packages for the Laguna Suites and Golf Resort range from $199 to $549 depending on the number of days and nights spent and the premiums offered. 

The $199 package is called the Sweet Suite Cancun Getaway and offers accommodations for 4 days and 3 nights in a junior suite plus 2 $30 Spa Gift Certificates.  For $429 they have what is called the Cancun 5 Night Getaway. This is basically the same package as in the Sweet Suite Cancun Getaway but you get 6 Days at the resort. Finally is the Cancun Super Getaway which offers 7 Days and 6 Nights for $549. As with all packages this one comes with accommodations in a junior suite plus 2 $30 gift certificates to the spa.

If you're really interested in pursuing one of these packages you can go directly to the web site links offered above or call 1-800-675-8399 for a customer  service representative. Also why not plan your vacation around events happening around the calendar in Cancun. Check out the Official Cancun Visitors Bureau Website. 

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